July 2015

Statue of Liberty

130? Doesn't Look A Day Over 120!

The Statue of Liberty (or Liberty Enlightening the World, as she is formally known) arrived on these shores 130 years ago last month. Our copper-clad lady is poised to help us celebrate another Independence Day, even after all those years. [Photo courtesy of Maki Isayama]

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Wind turbines at sunset

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are abundant but not on-demand, so energy storage will be a critical component in power grids of tomorrow. See how copper will play a vital role in this key piece of our renewable energy future. [Photo courtesy of Jonas]

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Meat on the grill

Fire Up The Grill With Copper!

Copper fuel gas systems have been proven to be the most reliable and safe way to install an LP gas system in your home. Read why copper fuel gas systems are the installers' choice for both home and commercial installations. [Photo courtesy of Don Harder]

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Copper Blocks Damage to Denver Fire Station’s Communication System

Because the Denver Fire Station decided to upgrade their lightning protection system, copper prevented major damage during a recent thunderstorm. “For us as an emergency response organization it’s critical that we respond every time, so we had to stop the damage,” said David Markham, CFPD’s Division Chief of Operations.
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Motor Management Best Practices Part 3: Repair Specifications, and Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Establishing and adhering to an electric motor maintenance program can ensure the longevity and efficiency of a facility’s motor systems. Any manufacturer whose machinery or facility runs on a motor system should utilize this type of plan.
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Copper Industry Provides Electrical Contractors, Facility Managers and Professional Engineers Free Continuing Education Seminars

CDA offers seminars on proper copper wiring techniques and best practices for all professionals in the electric industry. Contact us today!
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Sustainable & Environmentally-Friendly Copper Projects Dominate Architectural Awards Program

The North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) Awards program recognizes excellence in the use of copper in building design projects. The 2015 winners have been chosen.
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